2 min readJul 1, 2022
Exploring DEEPSPACE Now

Today June 30th, DEEPSPACE is proud to announce our Beta launch onto BNB Mainnet!

The Beta launch follows the successful Alpha testing phase, the week long Genesis generation ship minting that saw over 28,000 Smart NFTs minted, and the BNB mainnet live marketplace which has allowed thousands of ships to be traded in anticipation of the launch.

Phase 1 — P2E Exploration
We welcome you to networked space exploration! Discover loot crates while exploring the metaverse and conversing with friends. Find ship wreckage that can be mined for resources. Outrun and outmaneuver roaming space pirates that will look to catch your fleet, freeze you in their tractor beams, and plunder your valuable resources. Each of the 4 different ship classes and their stats impact exploration and these encounters, so venture strategically!

Additional Content Added:
-Galactic Resource Exchange to trade your resources and DPS (Outpost->Resource Swap)
-Multi use bridge for moving dps, resources, and ships into and out of the game
-Auto updating client when game updates are pushed
-(Coming very soon) Shipyard to upgrade and salvage ship
- Many visual improvements
- MMORPG style chat + open world

- Visual updates on Genesis ships
- Incredible planet enhancements
- First ship upgrades
- First types of quests and rewards
- VIP pass

Head over to the app at at, buy a ship and bridge it into the game from your inventory, and download the client to play now!

Next Few Weeks — Phase 2 — Combat
- NPC/ AI combat and rewards initially.
- Wagered PVP and large scale PVE combat to follow later.
- Team combat Vs enemy AI.

Following Combat — Phase 3 — Land Mining
- Immersive mining on public land initially with evasion/danger + drones.
- Player owned land later including land auctions.

Why Phased Launch?
- To ensure the utmost security and rigorous testing.
- To build a rich complexity and sophistication in all game modes.
- To teach new players the game in an easy step by step approach.

Other Notes about DPS
- DPS has never missed a roadmap deadline in a year plus of existence.
- Placed 2nd in BNB hackathon out of 109 projects for Metaverse, GameFi, and NFT gaming.
- Currently applied for Binance MVB5.

Resources: (In Progress)


DEEPSPACE is a space-based Play-to-Earn metaverse strategy exploration game built on BNB Smart Chain! Buy, trade, and upgrade spaceships. Explore our expansive universe, mine for resources, and battle AI opponents, and other players!

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